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Our Vision:

A world that recognizes conflict as opportunity for connection, dialogue, collaboration, deeper understanding, and conscious agreement. A culture that encourages healing through accountability to harm caused.

Our Mission:

To facilitate conflict transformation and support restorative reparation for individuals and communities who have experienced and/or caused harm.

Our Goals:

To advance restorative practices and healing-centered conflict engagement through the art of communication. To create opportunities for cooperative learning and skill development. To provide alternatives to harmful systems of punishment and policing.

About Us:

Conflict Artistry LLC is a collective of conflict resolution specialists and dialogue facilitators providing direct-action community services rooted in Restorative Justice. As practitioners we believe that all people deserve access to culturally-responsive forms of healing-centered engagement, that harm must be repaired when possible, and that those most impacted are essential to a restorative process. We practice consent-based decision making at every level of our organization and programming. 


Conflict Artistry LLC primarily seeks to connect with and serve individuals who have experienced and/or caused harm. Our professionally-facilitated diversion services are protected under Oregon law as a confidential Restorative Justice mediation. We are committed to serving all people regardless of age, race, sex, gender, romantic orientation, ability, income level, housing status, documentation status, or criminalized history. We are particularly interested in working with underserved members of our community, many of whom are disproportionately criminalized by punitive systems. Our goal is to prevent unnecessary system contact through early-stage intervention.


When harm occurs, so much is impacted, including the social fabric of our wider community. We are actively engaging new community service partners from a variety of sectors that align with our vision of holistic Restorative Justice to address basic needs and human rights. Please get in touch if your organization would like to collaborate with us as a mutually beneficial referral source, or in other ways. Our practitioners are available to provide conflict coaching, consultations, host trainings, facilitate dialogue, and connect you with other community resources that may be of service. 

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